RCS & Associates PBC Linear Representatives. A Pacific Bearing Company - Linear Motion Solutions

In 1983 PBC Linear was known as the Pacific Bearing Company. Today, PBC Linear of Rockford, IL, is a manufacturer of linear motion solutions.

PBC Linear, A Pacific Bearing Company - Linear Motion Solutions

PBC Linear of Rockford, IL is a manufacturer of linear motion solutions.

PBC Linear manufactures economical solutions for the linear motion industry, and the industrie's sub categories of motion control. PBC Linear began it's journey into the ever advancing technology of linear motion in 1983 as Pacific Bearing Company. As time passed PBC Linear is now at the for front of these technological advancements offering a wide variety of linear motion, and 3d printing products. With a skilled onsite engineer, and customer support staff, PBC Linear is ready to answer questions, and with their onsite manufacturing, PBC Linear offers speedy delivery times.

PBC Linear offers diversity in every technology they design and develop for linear motion applications. The possibilities with PBC Linear are endless, yet never a daunting task to find the right solution for your linear application the first time. Please contact an RCS & Associates PBC Linear representative with any and all questions regarding: PBC Linear's solutions for your linear motion applications.

You will find detailed information on PBC Linear's line of Linear Motion Solutions Below:

PBC Linear SIMO© - Aluminum extrusion process
PBC Linear Redi-Rail© - High speed, robust & light weight performance
PBC Linear Hevi-Rail© - High load capacity, and fast installation
PBC Linear Integral V™ - Technology high precision low cost performance
PBC Linear Linear Actuator Technology - multiple industry reliability
PBC Linear Round Shaft Technology - Ultra reliable precision linear bearings and shafts
PBC Linear Cam Roller Technology - Accurate Linear high speed guidence & infinite options
PBC Linear Gliding Surface Technology - Ready to use right out of the box robust low profile linear motion
PBC Linear Profile Rail Technology - Super performant linear guide ways, and high speed
PBC Linear Design On A Diet - prefabbed, & ready to go form concept to application

SIMO Series Linear Motion Platform

SIMO Series Linear Motion Platform
PBC Linear SIMO© Series

Linear Motion Platform (SIMO) is a linear rail with machined accuracy at affordable prices. Fundamental milling operations qualify this rail to tolerances that have 2x less twist, 6x less bow and 2x improved flatness. The SIMO Series rails are also offered as components with 3 options of bearing tribologies for the carriage; V-wheel roller bearings for high speed applications, and profile rail linear guideways with ball bearings that recirculate for firmness and exactness, and self- lubricating FrelonGOLD© plain bearings which are supremely suited for contaminated environments.

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Round Shaft Technology - Linear Bearings & Linear Guides

Round Shaft Technology - Linear Bearings & Linear Guides
PBC Linear Round Shaft Technology

employs precision round shafting as the guide. Our linear ball bearings provide for necessary movement. While the shafting is regularly hardened steel, stainless steel and hard anodized aluminum are also available in standard industry sizes. RST self-lubricating linear plain bearings and linear ball bearings come in an extensive variety of configurations, offering custom solutions for a broad range of applications. Flanged bearings and pillow blocks offer numerous mounting configurations. Support rails for round shafting coupled with open bearings provide extra rigidity for heavy loads.

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Cam Roller Technology and Roller Bearings

Cam Roller Technology and Roller Bearings
PBC Linear Cam Roller Technology

applies PBC Linear precision straight rails and numerous different rails and sliders. These provide high speed linear control and extreme accuracy as an affordable solution. For yoke mounting on a shaft or pin, we use track rollers or cam followers, which are rolling component bearings with either an inseparable inner ring or integral stud. Cam Roller Technology is ideally suited for automation, material handling, point-to-point functions and door frame guidance. We also offer linear motion solutions for high load transfer and compact, low profile usage, as well as linear guides, telescopic applications and numerous modular components.

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Integral-V Linear Guide Technology

Integral-V Linear Guide Technology
PBC Linear Integral-V© Technology

(IVT) uses structural aluminum framing combined with V-races to provide a complete, integrated system built with or without structural support framework. Hardened steel raceways are inserted into the Integral-V rail to reduce mounting components and eliminate fasteners. To ensure precise mounting and alignment on all critical sides, the integrated rail utilizes PBC Linear's SIMO© machining methods. This ensures dimensional and rail form accuracy allowing IVT carriages to roll quietly and accurately along the rail. IVT is a perfect choice for extended length transfer applications, medium system material handling and machine-tool guidance.

  • Standard lengths up to 3,650 mm (longer continuous length or joinable rails can be requested)
  • Hardened steel races eliminate fasteners and reduce mounting components by 40%
  • SIMO© machined for precision qualified rail surfaces to within .050 mm (.002")
  • Able to handle loads up to 7230 N (1625 lbs)
  • High speed capacity 12 m/s (472 in/s)
  • Carriages equipped with sealed, lubricated-for-life rollers
  • Carriages available with scrapers, wheel covers and wipers

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Gliding Surface Technology -Plain Bearing Linear Motion

Gliding Surface Technology -Plain Bearing Linear Motion
PBC Linear Gliding Surface Technology

adjusts plain bearing design to create a simple, two-piece rail and carriage configuration with a self-lubricating surface. GST provides compact sizes, lower profiles and smooth, noiseless linear motion. Available product capabilities and options offer unlimited engineering alternatives and configurations. PBC Linear manufactures Gliding Surface Technology to perform and survive harsh environments while offering additional advantages:

  • Plain bearing engineering will not cataclysmically fail
  • Vibration damping provides smooth and quiet linear motion
  • Pre-engineered and ready to use
  • Provides corrosion-resistance to operate in severe applications
  • Light-weight aluminum construction
  • Long life without lubrication
  • Compact, space-saving solutions also available
  • High loads and high shock resistance

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Profile Rail Technology – Ball-type Linear Guides

Profile Rail Technology – Ball-type Linear Guides
PBC Linear Profile Rail Technology

PBC Linear provides the Chieftek-Precision, Inc. high performance ball-type linear guide. This is ideal for high speed transfer and handling applications that offer both high accuracy and rigidity. These ball-type linear guides provide repeatable linear motion with an extended performance life. They are equipped with internal eco-lubrication system, stainless steel reinforced end plates, and overall dust- proof engineering. To attain equal load and force balance in all directions, the linear guides are designed with 45° contact angle for superior system stability. For our customers the liner guides are available in multiple precision options with a wide selection of sizes to directly meet application requirements.

  • Sizes range – miniature (3, 5, 7, 9, 12, and 15 mm) and standard (15, 20, 25, and 30 mm)
  • Precision options: normal (N), high (H), precise (P), super (SP) and ultra (U)
  • High load and momentum capacity
  • Corrosion-resistance to operate in severe applications
  • Internal eco-lubrication system
  • Stainless steel reinforced end plates – enhanced structural design
  • Dust proof design

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Actuators Technology

PowerMax™ Pullies and Idlers
PBC Linear Linear Actuators Technology

The Compact Series Linear Guide Systems from PBC Linear are engineered to accurate, smooth and repeatable linear motion in tight spaces. Boasting a low profile—23 mm—standard system height makes the Compact Series the perfect solution for applications such as lab and medical automation, dispensing robotics, automated delivery systems and electronic board manufacturing. The Compact Series (CS) can be custom configured for application demands. Options include:

  • 1. Two bearing choices: gliding surface technology or profile rail technology
  • 2. Lead screw with multiple leads
  • 3. Standard fixed or Constant Force™ anti-backlash nut
  • 4. Manual drive: integrated stepper or smart motor
  • 5. Motor mount option for use with other motors
  • 6. Gliding Surface Technology bearing options provide smooth and quiet operation. This is an economical, self-lubricating, and maintenance free choice.
  • 7. Profile Rail Technology provides robust performance and is ideal for applications that require high loads or positional precision accuracy.
  • 8. Nut: Standard fixed or Constant Force™ anti-backlash nut.
  • 9. Manual drive: integrated stepper or smart motor
  • 10. Motor: Integrated NEMA 17 or NEMA 23 stepper motors; single, double, or triple stack; motor mount option for attaching stepper, servo, or smart motor, etc. Option with a manual hand knob is also available.

The Compact Series is a likely addition to PBC Linear's Mechatronics Enabled (ME) product line. ME provides an extensive range of mechatronics solutions for small to extra-large applications. Choose from ball-screw, belts, lead screw or un-driven systems with a variety of mounting and performance accessories. If you require a multi-axis solution, PBC Linear will work with your design team to engineer a state-of-the-art assembly that simplifies processes, saves on cost and improves performance.

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Roller Pillow Block

Eagle© Polyurethane Belting
PBC Linear Roller Pillow Blocks

Large cam follower design with side seals delivers superior contaminant resistance. Excels in long travel joined shafts or rail assemblies. Accessories such as lubrication ports and scrapers available for each of maintenance and maximum life.
High Performance: Speeds up to 2.5 times faster than a linear ball bearing pillow block. Higher dynamic load capacity compared to industry standard linear ball bearing pillow blocks. Smoother travel equals lower vibration and noise.
Lower System Cost:

  • Simplified installation and alignment
  • Floating pillow block option available accommodating up to 0.125" out-of-parallelism, reducing installation time and cost dramatically
  • Simple eccentric bearing adjustment allows for tailored bearing fit to application requirements

Design Compatibility: Interchangeability to industry standard mounting holes and centerlines for linear bearing pillow blocks from leading competitors.

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StepServo Technology & MKU-IOT UPDATES!

PBC Linear StepServo Technology & MKU-IOT UPDATES!
PBC Linear StepServo Technology & MKU-IOT UPDATES!

PBC Linear newly updated StepServo Technology is compact ready to go out of the box engineering at its best. Machine cycling is greatly improved in both acceleration and accuracy. Featuring a closed loop servo control systems provided by a convenient PLC/HMI for high torque stepper motors using the ModBus RTU. The optional CANopen filedbus is available per your request. PBC Linear Step Servo Technology is a cost saving energy efficient, and easily installed technology. For the more "Less Ideal Environments", Ok, what we mean here is wet and or contaminated, let be honest now. The PBC Linear StepServo Technology has the optional IP65 version to endure such enviornments. Offering years of dutiful service keeping you up and running. Boost your ROI with PBC Linear's StepServo Technology. The PBC Linear MKU is a high capacity ballscrew, composed of a standard consult factory options, class 7 compact and light weight aluminum. Application: From small to extra large application solutions

  • Compact space saving design
  • Enhancing machine cycle acceleration
  • Advanced closed loop servo control system
  • Optional CANopen fieldbus
  • Works with the SIMO, MKU" and Compact PBC Linear Technologies

  • Smooth 20 mm recirculating ball profile rail guide ways
  • Multiple complex machining operations
  • load capacity of 11200 N
  • 1500 mm maximum stroke

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