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Stober P Series
Stober Drives P Series Planetary Gear Units
P Series

Ideal for servo applications, the P Series Inline ServoFit® Precision Gearhead feature planetary gearing and bearing options to make them the most accurate and efficient planetary gearheads available. Our gear technology provides minimum wear, low noise, and backlash of ≤3 arcmin. The P Series speed reducer can be attached to almost any servo motor.

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Stober PH Series
Stober Drives PH Series Planetary Gear Units
PH Series

Ideal for precision servo applications, the PH Series ServoFit® Precision Gearhead is designed for applications requiring high torsional stiffness and tilting rigidity. This inline unit has a flange output and short motor adapter length for easy and secure motor mounting. The PH series speed reducer has a backlash of ≤3 arcmin and readily attaches to any servo motor.

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Stober C Series
C Series Helical Gear Units
C Series

The C Inline ServoFit Modular Series® Gearhead offers utilizes high efficiency helical gearing to provide performance, durability, and mounting configurations for a wide range of applications. Precision machined bearings support assure gearset alignment, prolong bearing life, and provide exceptional overhung load capacities.

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Stober F Series
F Series Offset Helical Gear Units
F Series

Compact size and flexibility makes the F Offset ServoFit Modular Series® Gearhead a popular choice for applications that require high performance, efficiency, and durability. This offset helical gear unit is available with a wide selection of configurations to match almost any mounting requirement.

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STOBER servo right-angle gear units are available as planetary right-angle gear units and helical-bevel gear units. All gear units are provided with high quality helical gearing for unrivalled smoothness of running and backlash stability. Backlash down to ≤1.5 arcmin. Short motor adapter length. Easy and secure motor mounting. Can be attached to almost any make of servo motor.

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